1. Company Information

Officehub Aps
Gothersgade 11
DK-1123 Copenhagen
VAT ID: 37609188
Phone: +353 1 513 8008

2. Personal data

Alvin collects digital information about your behavior on this website. However, we do not register any data, besides your email and phone number is you fill out our form, that can be used to identify you as a person but only the device (i.e. computer, smartphone or tablet) you are visiting this website on. No data will be sold to a third party.

3. Cookies

Alvin uses cookies in order to deliver the best possible service for the users of this website. By using Alvin (and thereby this website) you agree to have cookies saved on the device you are visiting from. You can, at any time, opt out by clearing your cookies and avoid to use this website again. In the following it is described, how we handle cookies.

About cookies

A cookies is a tiny text file, which is saved locally on your device when you visit this website. The purpose of the cookies is to recognize your device in order to find out how this website is used. E.g. what pages you see or what you click on. This knowledge help us determine how we can help you best and improve the overall experience of Alvin.

In large all websites use cookies these days for the purpose described above. A cookie cannot contain a virus or other harmful programs, and a cookie cannot collect information from your device on its own.

There are differnet types of cookies and it varies when a certain type of cookies will expire. Some cookies are deleted when you close your browser and some cookies are saved for days, weeks or even years.

What is Alvin using cookies for?

Alvin uses cookies to get an idea about how visitors use this website including monitoring of web traffic and statistics. The purpose of this is to improve and optimize the experience for you and future visitors, and to make sure we do not add things to the website that people do not see or use.

The information we collect are anonymous and cannot be used to identify you as a person unless you give permission to do so by entering your email, phone number or similar in one of the forms on this website.

How do I remove or avoid cookies?

You can remove cookies by folllowing this guide:
How to delete or block cookies