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Why Alvin?

Understanding what really matters to you

Need a new office space to support growth? Want to mix socially or professionally with like-minded people? Figure out what matters most to you with the aid of our advisors.

Browse and choose from a huge selection

No need wasting time on visiting office spaces, which are not a match. We've visited them all for you and send you the best matches out of 150+ verified office spaces in Dublin.

Putting your search on autopilot

Finding the right coworking or serviced office space in a hurry quickly takes a lot of time. We’ve got you covered - you’ll get details of the offices that meet your preferences the same day.

"I'd been searching for months and took a shot at writing to Alvin. I got a call 10 minutes later from a friendly guy called Alex who put me in touch with the owners of two perfect office spaces for."

Christoffer Rosenfeldt

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    Tell us what you need

    Fill us in on your situation and what you’re looking for. What kind of price, location, size, and culture suits your business?

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    Do what you do best

    Focus on creating value for your company, while we find the ideal flexible office space for you.

  • Pick your favourite

    Pick and choose from our suggestions and go to tours at coworking spaces or serviced offices that match your requirements.

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What’s the cost?

We are able to offer this service at no cost to you because coworking and serviced office providers pay us a finders fee for finding perfect, compatible tenants for their building. We’re great at matching people with office spaces, enabling the providers to focus on running their spaces.

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Alvin saved me several days of research
It is an absolutely brilliant concept, it feels great to deal with people that listen.

Hey Jannis. Cheers for a really nice day, it has been a pleasure. I have chosen the coworking space by the harbor and look forward to my new work life 😀 Hats off to your business - it was effective, professional and personal. I'm very happy, thanks for the help. See you around and have a nice weekend. Kind regards Iben

Iben Hansen, Blogger

Great and exciting concept in an interesting niche. Pleasant and professional owners.

Malthe Vad

Alvin is the worst company in the history of companies, maybe ever!

The Donald
The Donald
Team Alvin

Your office team!

We have lived and breathed the flexible office experience for a long time. Both as managers of a serviced office as well as residents in a coworking space. We’ve seen it all, from creative coworking spaces in New York to corporate serviced offices in Copenhagen.

We know the pains of finding the right space from search to move-in party because we have tried it ourselves and advised more than 11.400 companies through the process.

It doesn't matter if you just started your journey or already went to a few tours. Whether you are in the market for a cozy coworking space or a professional serviced office setting. Call us for a chat. We don’t bite and are ready to help you out.

Did we mention our service is free, with no strings attached?

"Alvin is brilliant! The service was top notch. It was easy, fast and efficient - now I have the best office space I could wish for!"

Iben Diamant

Frequently asked questions

What coworking or serviced office spaces do you work with?

We work with coworking and serviced office spaces all over Dublin. While culture, people and location do vary. All the spaces we represent are professionally run and home to companies and startups from a wide variety of industries. We cover more than 90 percent of the flexible office market in Dublin 1 and 2 and we are certain we can find you a new office to let in Dublin.

Do you also advise on traditional office space?

Yes, we do have experience with traditional office space due to partnerships with commercial real estate agents, landlords and operators - anything from 100-5.000 sqm really. However, if you are looking for an office to rent, a closed office in a flexible workspace will most times meet your needs just as well. We’re happy to explain the differences and explore whether this could work for you.

What is the average price per month for a desk?

That depends on where you’re looking to rent an office. Location is an important factor - Dublin 2 is often a bit more expensive than Dublin 1. Service level also factors into the price - serviced offices tend to be more expensive than their coworking counterparts. Type of desk - some only need a hot desk a few times a week, others need a closed office. E.g. for a closed office, you’re looking at a range of 400-995 EUR per desk per month (excl. VAT). You’ll find both dedicated & hot desks available from 200 EUR per month. We can help you find a location with a price that is within your range.

What is the difference between a traditional office, a serviced office and, a coworking space?

Traditional, coworking and serviced. When you embark on the journey of finding an office to let getting the definitions right is the first obstacle. A traditional office is your own to run and comes with a longer lease. Serviced offices have quality service, which you pay a premium for. Coworking spaces are often cheaper because you share space and expenses with the other inhabitants. However, these definitions tend to overlap. Contact our advisors to find a flexible office that’s right for you.

Do I have to do anything or will you take care of everything?

The aim of our service is to give you peace of mind. Once we know what you’re looking for we will further the process as far as possible leaving you to focus on your business meanwhile. In our experience, the sooner we talk the better the final result. Sometimes it can take months to find the perfect office for rent, but we work tirelessly to make that happen. When you are happy with our suggestions we arrange a showing and prepare you for your move.

Why is Alvin free?

Alvin is free for the tenants because office space providers pay us for our effort. They have enough on their plate with running and expanding their offices and thus don’t have time to look for the right tenants. Therefore our sole focus is to create that perfect match between tenant and office operators.